Weekly Maintenance

Buy more time and allow us to keep your pool looking and running great. Aqua Care will come and service your pool weekly.  From cleaning skimmers, vacuuming sediments, balancing chemicals and ensuring pumps are working properly; our technicians will keep you in your pool longer and working on it less. 


Chemical balancing

It's important to know what goes in your pool.  Having balanced chemicals will keep everyone safe, and allow your pool to run more efficiently.  Our exerienced technicians will keep you up to date on the chemicals entering your pool and where your pool currently reads. 


Remodeling and Resurfacing

Need your pool deck remodeled, cleaned, resurfaced or painted?  Tear in your liner?  Relax, we have you covered.



If you see your water level decreasing rapidly? More than 1'' in a week? Could be a leak.  Small or large, allow our trained technicians come out diagnose the issue, and walk you through the service that will be needed. 

Pump and Heater Repair

Pump or pool/spa heater go out?  Give us a call, we'll come out and diagnose the issue and give you a quote.


Parts Supply

Aqua Care has access to anything you might need at competitive prices. We sell and install all major brands.   Give us a call 864-414-5820 or send us an email at customerservice@aquacarellc.com and we'll supply a quick quote and delivery time. 

...and much more, just contact us